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The Sixers Mascot Dapped Up Ben Simmons And Now Might Have To Be Put On Trial For Treason


Et tu, Franklin? Hip Hop would never. Look, I somewhat get it. That's not 100% a weird looking blue dog. There's a human inside of that costume that I'm sure is still friends with Ben and may even play Call Of Duty on mental breaks with Simmo The Savage. But...come on Franklin. You can't embrace arguably the biggest enemy in Sixers, nay, Philly Sports history publicly in broad daylight - IN FULL SIXERS MASCOT GEAR. It's a treacherous act of disloyalty. Not only that, you think we haven't been through enough? Joel Hans Embiid's knee just ripped apart. The Nets WHOOPED the Sixers in Philly. James Harden. Ben Simmons. Markelle Fultz. Confetti. Burner accounts. Larger than normal collars. We don't need anyone who represent our franchise cahooting with enemies of the state. 

Also, there's no way the other Philly mascots would put up with sleeping with the enemy. The Phanatic would "Say Hello To My Little Friend" and whip out the hot dog gun to the point a lawsuit/jail time might be needed. Screw enemies, Gritty throws cakes in the face of his OWN FANS:


Swoop would call his daddy Lord Lurie to make moves behind the scenes. Even Wingston from the Philly Wings has the hollow bones to step up against tyranny. Seriously. That damn bird has no problem getting into the mix, even if said mix was extremely unwarranted and blockheaded:  

Be better, Franklin. Not just for you, but for us all. Cue it.