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Auburn’s Johni Broome Thought A Random Fan Was Trying To Grab Him And Then Realized It Was Morgan Freeman

This is a video that I watched so much and can't stop watching it. I get everyones side of it too, Morgan Freemans hands were on his ass for way too long. When you are playing an away game and someones hands are grabbing you for that long I would swat that shit away too. The only thing I am not on his side for is that if Morgan Freeman is at your basketball game you need to know exactky where he is sitting at all times. That is one of the most famous people in the entire world so you need to be aware of exactly where he is sitting. 

Morgan is an older gentleman so he was probably like I am not getting stepped on or hurt at an Ole Miss Auburn game. Luckily for Broome this was later in the game because if this happened in the beginning of the game that would be in his head the entire game. He just swatted the most famous person alive, I wouldn't be able to sleep for the next month knowing I did that. Its also funny how fast he appologized because if it was anyone else he wouldn't have said sorry for shit and I would have done the same thing as him. Can you imagine he just turned around and smacked the shit out of Morgan in the face. That would have been a scene but this is an all time video.