This Shirtless Kid Getting His Head Shaved In The Front Of The Oakland Student Section Is The Most Diabolical Free Throw Distraction Yet

Let this be your answer to anyone who questions why you'd watch mid-major basketball before conference tournaments. You think this is happening at a blue blood? No. Those seats are typically for old people with deep pockets and refuse to get loud and get pissed when people stand up. They hate it. But this? This is how you add something new. I said it earlier this week when we got the Ole Miss balloon penis

Little did I know this would be topped on the diabolical scale on the weekend. Do you know how gross it is to watch a man shave his head? I say this as a bald man. No one wants to see hair flying all over the place. Hair is disgusting. Plus you know that shit isn't going into the trash bag. That's going to be flying around the student section, some poor bastard is for sure catching a loose pair of hair in their mouth. Gross all around.

But it doesn't matter. It's about being effective. It's about finding new ways to distract an enemy. Anyone can rip a shirt off. Anyone can dance. We've seen that for years, it's like the dunk contest. It's about finding something new to surprise people - like Frank the Tank in Old School talking about underwear.