Good Luck Finding A Better Dressed, More Stylish Man In America Than Frank Martin And His Completely Normal Suit

It's called style. Actually it's the peak of style

Manny Millan. Getty Images.

Every person wearing pants that Tracy McGrady is jealous of. Every shoe covered. A bunch of massive jackets. Just a ridiculous look that we all considered normal. And you know what? Life was better back then. Life was so much easier when you just bought whatever off the rack, didn't worry about things 'fitting' and called it style. That's what Frank Martin is bringing back. If you can see all of your shoes you simply don't know how to dress yourself.

I dare someone to tell Frank Martin he doesn't look good. You want to be the end of that freak out? I sure as shit don't. I want to be on Frank Martin's good side and that's even more reason for all of us to start dressing like this again. Out with the 7 inch inseams and bring back shorts that hung past our knees. 

If we all can't look like Frank Martin, the 2003 NBA Draft or Clem at his wedding what's the point of talking about style?