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Jim Harbaugh Should Be Drug Tested Immediately For Saying JJ McCarthy Is Gonna Be The First QB Taken In The NFL Draft

It’s needless to say it’s been a very tough few months for me after Michigan beat Ohio State for the third time in a row and won a national title. Dave and the social media world has been ruthless in reminding me. I couldn’t even forget it if i wanted to. But I really appreciate Jim Harbaugh coming thru for me with a good laugh here. Been awhile since I’ve had much to smile about but this gave me a chuckle. 

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JJ McCarthy being the first QB taken off the board? Did he mean teams taking him off their draft board entirely? That would be significantly more plausible than him being selected over Caleb Williams or Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels. You don‘t glorified game managers with the first overall pick. Ya just don’t if you have any interest in staying employed for more than a calendar year.  

Literally a 0.0% chance JJ McCarthy goes first. The first round? MAYBE. But first off the board? Put the crack pipe down Jim. I get you’ve had reason to celebrate as of late but things apparently have gotten out of control and FAST. Seeing that his brother John has some free time on his hands maybe we can rally up the family and put together an intervention for Jim. He’s gonna need a clear mind to fix this mess that Brandon Staley has left with the Chargers.

I get he’s your guy Jim, but take it easy. Some people out there might think you actually believe this shit. Congrats on the Chargers job, and I wish you all the best on your road to recovery!