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Ayo Edebiri Talked Shit About JLo And Now They Are Doing SNL Together

TMZ- Ayo and Laci are yukking it about the notion Jennifer just isn't that great of a singer, at least in their eyes -- and they believe she's fooled the masses into thinking she's this fantastic vocalist. Ayo herself even leans into this long-standing (and unfounded) rumor that J Lo has allegedly used ghost singers in her career.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... this incident with Ayo was long ago, and that she is most certainly a fan of Jenny right now -- we're told she's excited to work with her and be in her presence. As for Jen ... our sources tell us she doesn't usually let these sorts of things bother her -- and that her mantra is about moving on and moving forward.

TEA!!!!! The girls are fighting!!!  This has to be SO AWKWARD for Ayo going into SNL. I mean sheeeesh! How do you talk to JLo after this comes out?? Now this was 4 years ago...but still not that long ago for it not to be weird. I feel like these are rumors that Jennifer Lopez has been fighting forever, so to have her host of her SNL performance be a person who was spreading those rumors must suck. 

Obviously Ayo says she's a fan now but no shit. What the fuck else is she gonna say? In the past 4 years, you've become a huge JLo fan? I doubt it. 

HOWEVER, I do agree with Ayo on this. Jennifer Lopez isn't that good of a singer! Im sorry! She also lip syncs a shit ton, so it's hard to even debate without much evidence. The rumor that she uses ghost singers is crazy, I don't think I've seen enough evidence to have an opinion on that. I wouldn't be shocked though!! 

Who knows, maybe JLo will prove Ayo and I wrong this weekend with her performance. Maybe Ayo will crack a joke about it in her monologue.  I just hope these two ladies can get along!