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A New Documentary On Wendy Williams Will Finally Tell Us Where She's Been And What The Hell Is Going On With Her

Appointment television. Talk show host Wendy Williams has been MIA for....I don't even know how long. 6 months? A year? No one has really gotten a straight answer on what exactly had been going on with her, and why she had to suddenly leave her talk show after a few scary moments (fainting, going silent on air in the middle of sentences, strange behavior.) It looks like finally we're getting the whole story. 

From the trailer, it looks as if Wendy had a drinking problem, but it seems to be more than that - a bad situation where bad people take advantage of someone vulnerable, and end up robbing you blind. You're gonna tell me Wendy Williams has NO MONEY? Who the fuck took it all from her? I want names, and I'm ready to fight. Wendy Williams is one of the most entertaining, genuine celebrities we have and while she may be a little kooky, she doesn't deserve to be taken advantage of in this way. 

I panic about this all of the time - do the people around me just yes me to death, or are they being real? Imagine being a celebrity, with an extra layer of "allure" (money), that can be manipulated by someone tricking you into letting you trust them - how could you possibly believe anyone? Someone went so far with Wendy that they convinced her that her own FAMILY is incapable of helping her? Yikes all around. People are fucking gross.