Iowa Self-Reported a Tampering Violation After Alabama Transfer OL Kadyn Proctor Basically Snitched on His New Team on Live TV

With all that the NCAA has going on right now, it seems kind of dumb for Iowa to self-report this kind of minor violation for sending Kadyn Proctor a text after he had a bad game. Plenty of schools are tampering with players on other rosters in far worse manners than this. Why waste everyone's time reporting such a small violation?

Well, because they kinda had to after Proctor reported it himself first.

I'm honestly a little surprised anything actually came of that clip, but I see why Iowa played it safe after Proctor put that out there. When you have your new five-star transfer tackle tell everyone you kinda tampered, just take the slap on the wrist and move on. The NCAA won't exist in a few years anyway.

What's really going to be awesome is when the NCAA inevitably dissolves and players become contracted employees in the next 10 years or so, the stories that people will be willing to tell are going to be all-time. Obviously everyone knows what's been going on for the last 40 years and some former players have talked about it a little, but once there's no fear of retribution, we're going to get the wildest stories you can imagine and it's going to be incredible.

Until then, though, we have things like Iowa self-reporting for sending a text to a player on another team. Glad we're taking care of the real issues.