Saquon Barkley Is Allegedly At The Top Of Jim Harbaugh's Wish List

There are a few things to consider here. 

Do the Chargers need a player like Saquon Barkley? Yes 

Like I mention any time I bitch about the Chargers, this team has been absolute garbage in the run game for Herbert's entire tenure. They haven't had a thousand yard rusher since 2017, and Ekeler has just never been the guy you can count on to grind out yards when you need them. Great example is the 27-0 playoff implosion, where all the chargers had to do in the second half was control the clock and Ekeler managed to net a whopping ZERO yards on the ground. Whoever Harbaugh ends up grabbing as OC (Roman), he's made it clear that he wants to ram it down the other team's throat. Barkley is an explosive runner, stays relatively healthy, and was super explosive when he had a complimentary game from Jones in 2022 and still managed 4 YPC this year with Tommy DeVito and a putrid offensive line.

Can the Chargers get Saquon Barkley? Probably

There is no way around it, they're in cap hell. Like, the 7th circle. Spotrac has Barkley estimated at a $10 Million AAV deal and the Chargers are looking at -$44 Million in space. That was honestly hysterical to even write down. However, like we see every offseason, cap space is fake and is manipulated. In every media spot since taking over, Jim has made a point to mention Herbert, Derwin, Allen and Slater when talking about the stars on the team. No mention of Joey Bosa, Mike Williams or Khalil Mack (Who are a combined $106 million against the cap this year). You got to imagine new GM Jim Hortiz is gonna be trying to wheel and deal them out of town because not only are they overpaid, but Bosa and Williams just don't play. So maybe they find some financial wiggle room and Saquon takes a little less to play with a real QB (Him and Herbie seemed to get along great during some Nickelodeon Slime competition thing they did last year).

Should the Chargers get Saquon Barkley? If the price is right? Yes

He is basically an upgraded version of Ekeler. He's a better runner, about as good of a pass catcher and a much better blocker. Also about the same from a durability standpoint. He's only 26 so he's got a few years left before the inevitable RB decline. I don't think he should be relied on as a 3-down back unless totally necessary but Josh Kelly has been coming around and could be a solid complimentary back. And who knows what will happen in the draft? Maybe they get Corum or something. 

Before the thought of Herbie slinging a 50 yard wheel route TD to Barkley gets me too hard, I'm gonna grab a crisp Sierra Nevada and relax. Bolt up, baby.