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DISASTER CITY: Joel Embiid Is Out Indefinitely With A Torn Meniscus In His Left Knee

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Damn nation. This franchise, man. The Sixers find a way to have nice things and cannot keep them from breaking/getting ripped apart/going mentally insane/forgetting how to shoot/starting burner accounts/purchasing large collars. It's every single year. And the Sixers know the frustration of the people to the point they don't even want to give an accurate timetable for return:

Whatever the fuck that means. Quick Google search says a torn meniscus for NBA player usually results in a 4-6 week recovery period for rehab and 3-6 months for surgery. So take all of that for what it's worth…which is most likely bullshit. 

The worst part about all of this is it could've been 10000000000% avoided. Embiid doesn't play vs. Denver and the entire world throws a shitfit. People claim he was scared of Jokic (even tho he put up 40+ in back to back wins over the Nuggets in previous games). He's wasn't really hurt. He's just an overall bitch. 

YOU HAPPY NOW PEOPLE?!?!?! Obviously he was injured. Embiid shouldn't even have been playing the next pointless game vs the Warriors. EVERYBODY noticed how limped up the man was and how he was gutting it out on the court. Look at Embiid attempt to jump here. LOOK AT IT:

So of course he still stayed in the game. Why? Because it just wasn't good enough to be slightly injured. Midas Whale go for the whole damn thing. 

Officially kiss back to back MVP's goodbye. Utah -6.5 (opened at -4) tonight as the Jazz may win by a zillion. Get home. Get healthy. Get right. 

Cue it. 

PS - At least Doc is still continuing to do Doc. Bless that man.