I've Never Felt Worse for Someone Than This Awesome Lions Fan Who Won Tickets to the NFC Championship Just to Watch a Cataclysmic Collapse

Damn it, man. I didn't come across this TikTok until today and I really wish I had seen it before I knew Leroy's fate. It's like starting Game of Thrones now knowing the crippled kid becomes king and the entire show was relatively pointless, though very good for the most part. Leroy seems like the nicest dude imaginable and he won what could have been a once-in-a-lifetime gift that turned into an unforgettable moment of pain.

I'm sure he still had a great time going to San Francisco and it's awesome that this TikTok creator gave away such a great experience to someone so deserving, but there's no sugarcoating being at the game where you think your team is going to punch its ticket to its first ever Super Bowl and instead blows a 24-7 lead to extend a decades-long streak of futility — no offense, obviously. Leroy probably has a good amount of perspective on how this was still an awesome experience that he was lucky to have and all that stuff, but that goes out the door when the game ends the way this one did.

I need the Lions to reach out to Leroy — and every Detroit fan that made the trip to San Francisco for that game, as a matter of fact — and give him a pass for free tickets to every home playoff game until they win a Super Bowl. That will probably just end in more heartbreak, but he's earned that much.

Shoutout to Leroy, man. I hope he gets to see a Lions Super Bowl soon enough.