A Sad Day: Blog Favorite Diletta Leotta Announces She's Engaged, Proving Once Again Backup Goalies Have The Best Job In All Of Sports

It's with a heavy heart I have to announce that a fan favorite is engaged. Diletta Leotta. Can't say we didn't see it coming, she's been with backup goalie Loris Karius for quite some time now. Frankly, I don't know what took him so long to get engaged. But this is more than a sad blog or a congrats to the happy couple - something you say far too often as you get old. It's about how awesome of a life backup goalies have. 

I know here in America we talk about backup quarterbacks, but there's way too much physicality in football. You go in for one snap and you have a Watt brother or Myles Garrett or a Bosa coming from your blindside. No thank you. I prefer to never be hit, just the way I want to live. Backup goalies though? Dude is making over $500,000 this season and has yet to step on the field. He just gets to hang out and watch Premier League soccer up close and personal. 

You can even hide more as a backup goalie than a backup quarterback. Backup quarterbacks are the most beloved player to fans. The moment a starter struggles? Buddy, we get Tyrod Taylor on the bench. You start getting chants and then have to come in and remind everyone you're the backup for a reason. Goalies? Hey, you can blame the defense. There's not enough scoring in soccer! Pass the blame before people start clamoring for you to get between the pipes. 

We had a good run, Diletta. A little game of you posting a picture and me blogging it for the masses. A fan favorite no matter who you cheer for. And now for the last chance to post pictures and rack in those sweet, sweet pageviews. 

Whatever. Go Spurs.