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'Now We'll Kick Their Ass In Basketball' - Dan Hurley Is The Perfect Lunatic To Bring Back The Old School Big East That We Loved And Missed

The Big East has a special spot in my heart and really anyone who likes college basketball's heart. It was the go-to league. It was the league that everyone talked about, a true basketball league, built on coaches who were a little bit crazy. Don't get me wrong, the new Big East has been good but it's lacked the craziness. Jay Wright won titles, but he was always calm, cool and collected. You had guys like McDermott who are staples at the school. But the one thing that was always missing was the perfect mix of lunatic and great coach.

Enter Dan Hurley. 

He even said it to Kim English last night. 'The fucking Big East.' That's their slogan. The game last night was hideous, mostly because refs still suck. It was a fight, a bunch of technicals and Dan Hurley losing his goddamn mind. In other words, it was old school Big East. No ref is ever safe around Hurley. The moment he starts to cross his leg and throws out his lip, it's go time. He's going to waste no time to tell refs they fucking suck and frankly, that should be celebrated. 

If you play for UConn how do you not get fired up from a guy who can go from talking about wanting to love the month of January to saying now it's time to kick their ass in basketball. He's admitting they already won the fight. He's admitting they already won the mental games. Now it's time to kick their ass in the actual game. That's an incredible line and I'd love Hurley to be mic'd up every single game. 

He's not afraid to mix it up with other coaches, look at him and Pitino this year. College basketball needs coaches like this because that's what the sport was built on and especially what the Big East was built on. Him and Shaka have gotten into it before. He's not going to hold back. He's going to say whatever the hell is on his mind, no matter how crazy he sounds. 

PS: Easily the funniest part of the game last night was this guy checking in for Providence because so many guys fouled out/were hurt: 

5 point game and Providence had Zach Johnson checking in for them. The best sport.