Sad: Ronaldo Is Going To Miss Tomorrow's 'Last Dance' Match vs Messi (No One Say It's Because He's Scared)

This match had been set up for a couple months. The whole Last Dance thing with Ronaldo vs Messi: 

Now, the day before the game, we have news that Ronaldo is going to miss the game. I want to be very clear, I don't want anyone to say he's scared. No, you see, he's hurt. Look at the limp! 

You know what? Part of me is glad we're not getting some bullshit friendly as a Last Dance. The rivalry is dead. Messi won. I don't know why we're still trying to pretend like a friendly would have mattered. Messi has the World Cup title. Messi didn't go hide in a sad Saudi Arabian league. No, he came to the USA and played in the super competitive, always talked about MLS, like a real soccer player. 

The last thing I wanted to see tomorrow are Ronaldo fans bragging about a win over Inter Miami like it actually meant something. If you think the whole LeBron vs MJ thing is annoying on Twitter, go ahead and glance over at soccer Twitter. It's a million times worse and never stops. People would have lost their mind over a result of a friendly - a match that quite literally means nothing, except the chance to make money. 

So allow me to say credit to Ronaldo to let the rest of the world celebrate the best player we've seen. I mean you want individual stuff? Head-to-head matches, Messi has more wins, goals and assists than Ronaldo. Think that matters too. But nobody and I mean nobody say Ronaldo was scared of losing again.