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Joe Buck Gave Advice To Tom Brady As He Gets Ready To Begin His New Career In The Broadcast Booth

On today's Pardon My Take... JOE BUCK! The elite play-by-play broadcaster joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to catch up on his season, favorite moments, and how much he means to our show.

In case you haven't heard (you probably have), there is a HUGE sports media transaction taking place next football season: Tom Brady will embark on his career as a broadcaster and join the FOX team for America's Game of the Week. With that in mind, who better to give the GOAT broadcasting advice than Joe Buck himself?

As a former lead play-by-play broadcaster for the network that TB12 is about to begin with, Buck did not hesitate when asked by our guys about what advice he has for Brady as he trades in his jersey on the field for a suit in the booth. Take a look...

"Be Yourself." It's a cliche saying, but in broadcasting, it is very, very important. If you try to mimic another commentator, people will see through it. Say what you want about Tony Romo, but as Buck said, Romo was being Romo, and he was very natural (even with his "I don't know, Jimmmmmmmm" noises). 

It will be fascinating to see what happens this offseason when it comes to the FOX broadcast booth. After delaying his appearance to join the network last year, will Brady actually begin his time in the booth in September? What happens to Greg Olsen (who is very good at calling games)? All of that should sort itself out this spring/summer.