Same Old Lame LeBron Theatrics - Lakers Lose, He Immediately Hops On Twitter And Posts A Cryptic Threat While Crying

This right here is everything that's wrong with LeBron James. Instead of just being talked about as an all-time great player, he can't help himself. He has to cry and post cryptic threats. I mean the time ticking down after the Lakers lose again? It's a tradition at this point. Team starts to struggle, LeBron whines about it, posts a threat about leaving or blowing the team up. Makes more sense when you see this picture from the other night

What do we think? A week for Darvin Ham left? That's gotta be step 1. We know the routine at this point. LeBron gets mad, coach gets fired, a trade happens, he feels like he did his part and then he claims he had nothing to do with it. He's been around far too long for anyone to fall for this and be like well, it can be about anything! No. He tweeted it at 2:30 in the morning after another loss and trade rumors all over the damn place.

Oh and if that's not enough, you have this from Christian Wood: 

The tweet is still up! You forgot to quote tweet LOL. Come on. Nobody is that bad of a liar and all it's going to do is let more people make fun of you. Good news for the Lakers though is they'll always, ALWAYS, have that awesome In-Season Tournament banner. Can't take that away as your franchise player is crying and doing cryptic tweets. The LeBron story right there.