Hell Of A Night: Man U's Marcus Rashford Was Apparently Fined Over $600,000 For Calling In Sick After Going On A '12-Hour Tequila Bender'

I know work ethic and days of work is a hot topic right now. I don't really understand, we work 7 days a week, at least that's what I assumed. Anywho, you won't catch me going on a 12-hour tequila bender and calling in sick. First, I don't have $600,000 to be fined. Second, who calls in sick to work when you don't work a regular ass office job? Those people, sure, hell when I worked in an office there were days I'd call in sick. But we're talking about a Premier League player here and there's always something going on over there. 

This time Marcus Rashford, who hasn't really been what you call good this year, traveled to Belfast and went on a 12-hour tequila bender. That's impressive. Tequila benders can only make you squirm. You have one bad experience with tequila and that sticks with you more than any other liquor. 

It should be mentioned that not only was he apparently fined, he was dropped from Man U's lineup for the FA Cup match over the weekend. Sure, we applaud MJ for going to Atlantic City and playing or debating if the flu game was a hungover game and Rashford can't play in the FA Cup just because he's hungover. All he had to do was not call in sick. Show up, stink it up and save yourself $600,000. Plus, you HAVE to know you're getting caught. You're famous. You don't think there will be photos of you partying your ass off during a bender and inviting waitresses out to meet up with you? The paparazzi over there makes the US version look like the JV team. 

This is also where you need someone in your entourage to help you out. Someone who isn't a yes, man and tells you calling in sick won't work. I'm sure they were sitting around a bar and he came up with this grand plan. Everyone there nodded along telling him he was a genius and no shot Manchester United would ever find out. We really need the call released. Someone has to have it. I need to hear how he played this one off. 

This is what happens when you try to take a Friday off work. Lesson for everyone here.