Confirmed By Page Six, Taylor Swift Will Be Attending The Super Bowl

Swift is headed back on the road for the second part of the international leg of her Eras Tour and is slated to play four shows in Tokyo beginning Feb. 7 and ending Feb. 10, the day before Super Bowl 2024 

The “Blank Space” singer is said to be planning to leave Japan and head right to the United States after the final show. 

“It’s a brutal flight, but she’ll get on her plane right after the concert,” the source said.

Normally I wouldn't trust Page Six when it comes to Taylor which is why I put the disclaimer in the title, but this feels like the most innocuous rumor ever. Of COURSE Taylor is going to the Super Bowl. We've all done the time zone math, she can tell time too, she knows she'd be able to make it. She's willing to fight through the exhaustion to support her man.

I've said it a thousand times now but I can't believe this is all happening in reality. It truly feels like the stuff of Hollywood and I wonder which studio will step up first and buy the rights. It's so crazy to me that I completely understand where Billy Football is coming from with this clip:

He's right! It became uncool to date jock/athlete types, at least a lot less popular than old pop culture movies would make you think. Emo guys and the brooding bad boy have run AWAY with the race in the past few decades. In fact, we haven't thought about the big Golden Retriever type guy in SO long, we forgot that it wasn't so bad. Taylor is here to remind us that sports can be fun, and supporting your man is cool. A Blockbuster in the making.