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Rhaenyra Targaryen Herself, Milly Alcock, Has Been Cast As Supergirl In DC's New Universe

House of the Dragon's breakout star, Milly Alcock, has officially been cast as Supergirl in the new James Gunn's DC Universe. 

According to Deadline (shoutout to our pal Justin Kroll on the story), Alcock beat out Emilia Jones and Meg Donnelly to land the job as Kara Zor El. I was rooting heavily for Milly from the moment we heard she was in the running, because she was amazing as a fierce young Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon - but we only really got to see her fight with her words (and love of incest) in that show - now we'll get to see her fight with her fists! And laser eyes!

She'll probably appear in James Gunn's upcoming 'Superman: Legacy' (which starts shooting this year) based on the timing of this casting - but 'Supergirl' does have a movie on the current slate, based on Tom King's recent 'Woman of Tomorrow' run in the comics - which rules....

Supergirl/Kara is Superman's older cousin, if you weren't aware, and 'Woman of Tomorrow' gives her a much darker personality/origin/edge than ol' farm boy Clark Kent. To make a long story short, she wasn't a baby like him when Krypton exploded, she was 14, so she had to watch everyone she knew and loved die horrific deaths....and not only when the planet blew up, but in the months that followed. Lotsa Kyrptonians suffered for a while before they died, and weren't as lucky as the Man of Steel. So she's got some trauma, and travels across the galaxy with her dog Krypto to get away from it all and celebrate her 21st birthday. There, she meets a girl named Ruthye, whose father was murdered, and it becomes a full on revenge story. 'Woman of Tomorrow' is also set on a planet with a red sun, making Supergirl's powers useless. 

It's probably gonna be super sci-fi-y and a bit weird, but if done right, you could have a badass Supergirl Kill Bill on your hands - and Milly Alcock is perfect for that role in my opinion. 

I'll leave you all with this question: of the "Big Three" nerd franchises in movies, Marvel/DC/Star Wars, which one do you CURRENTLY have the most faith in to turn their ship around and get back to greatness? We discussed that on My Mom's Basement this week.

P.S. Alcock starred in a Noel Gallagher music video where she takes off running - and then flying at the end....

Very Supergirl-esque - funny coincidence. Hopefully DC's CGI budget is better than Noel's.