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Dave Portnoy Has Cancelled Barstool Radio Until Further Notice After Their Refusal To Talk About Barstool Drama Today

I didn't want to make a second blog about this, but we're an hour into the breaking news that Dave has cancelled Barstool Radio and no one has capitalized on the pageviews so here I come. Call me Deke Zucker but I'm getting these by any means necessary. I wrote this blog earlier about the huge miss by radio today not mentioning the clear elephant in the room after Friday's beef between Keegs and Ohio's Tate:

We won't really know Dave's true thoughts on all of this until The Big 3 Rundown hits the Rumble airwaves tonight, but my sources tell me that Dave explains his decision in great detail.

So what's next for Radio? No one knows, and in journalistic form, I have to mention that Ohio's Tate is doing a victory lap on Twitter:

No one tell him that Dave cancelling it had absolutely 0 to do with him and 100% to do with Keegs not even addressing it and Tommy Smokes/Francis sitting idly by and failing not only the company but every viewer interested in petty Barstool drama. Anyway, if Dave's decision is a host change and resume the show to its roots, one Barstool employee has already thrown his name into the ring:

The biggest loser in all of this isn't Keegs or Tate either. The Dawg Fridays lasted all of ONE episode before he got his show cancelled by proxy, and to say he's distraught about it is an understatement:

Castellani and The Dawg. Who says no? Play the music!

See you for the Rundown at 6 PM ET.