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Embrace Debate: Did Zay Flowers Or Josh Reynolds Have The Bigger Fuck Up Which Cost Their Teams A Win?

I've been thinking about this for far too long. Everyone is blasting Dan Campbell for going for it over and over again and not taking points. People talking about Lamar and Harbaugh. But I'm here to start debating who had the bigger fuck up. 

Josh Reynolds: 

vs Zay Flowers

Let me be clear, I don't have anything against either guy. But facts are facts and these plays could be directly pointed at for a loss. For Reynolds it was multiple plays that just broke the back. If he catches a wide open ball, no one is talking about Dan Campbell going for it on 4th and 2. They are doing the big balls Campbell tweets instead. Then he just drops another one when the Lions desperately needed something, anything. Brutal. 

On the flip side, Zay Flowers was basically the Ravens offense outside of Lamar. But his thing was all one drive. 50-something yard play, taunting penalty and then the fumble. I'm pro shit talking and very much on board with letting people taunt, but also gotta know you're dealing with NFL refs here. The moment you push someone and throw a ball at them they can't wait to launch that flag. It's coming no matter what. 

It might sound crazy, but I really think it's Reynolds. He just straight up dropped passes, you can argue Flowers fumbled on a hell of a defensive play. There wasn't great defense on Reynolds. Just drops that ultimately cost the Lions. Don't get me wrong, Flowers fucked up, but not nearly as bad as Reynolds.