Soccer Star Kyle Walker Apologizes To His Pregnant Wife And Children For Knocking Up His Side Piece (For The Second Time)

We've got a story out of the football world that truly is shocking. 

Kyle Walker has been a cornerpiece for Manchester City's dominance since he arrived in 2017. He is one of the best right-backs in the entire world, but just like many top-tier footballers, his time off the pitch has not been as... world-class. Let me explain.

Kyle Walker had been dating his "best friend" Annie Kilner since he was a teenager. Walker was not expected to be the generational player he has become, so he met Annie when he was just a footballer trying to make it on a Premier League side.

Things went great for Annie and Kyle as his success on the football pitch set them up to have a phenomenal family life.

However, in 2020 while he and Kilner were on a "break," Kyle Walker fooled around with Lauryn Goodman, a British influencer, to the point where he impregnated her....not good. 

James Shaw. Shutterstock Images.

You would think this was going to be Kyle Walker's wake-up call, but it was not. After the first pregnancy with Goodman, Kilner welcomed Walker back into her life thanks to his promise of cutting off communication with Goodman AND them getting married. Both things happened, but Walker's second attempt at chastity did not last long. Recently, we found out that Kyle Walker impregnated Lauryn Goodman AGAIN. For the SECOND time. He's got one more in him!

In October 2022, Kyle Walker was sidelined with a groin injury, which required him to spend time rehabbing in London. That is when he rekindled his relationship with Goodman and groin injury be damned, he impregnated her again. Walker wasn't going to tell his wife about the 2nd child he had with Goodman, but when he learned she was pregnant (yes, his wife), he decided to speak up. Before this, Walker considered the chance of having his second family not be known to his wife:

Daily Mail- Walker, who has split from wife Kilner after she learned he had fathered Goodman's daughter, also hoped that he could juggle both families without being caught out.

This all recently got out to the English media, and let me tell ya they are eating it up. A Kyle Walker cheating story is like a Kardashian/Jenner dating an athlete story in America. Back in 2020, Walker infamously had an orgy at his London apartment during COVID lockdown, and then just a few hours later he appeared in a PSA for NHS urging British fans to stay home. 

The guy is a 1 of 1. No other way to describe him. Even in his apology video (which was released today), he did not disappoint. He played the "I am human" card in record time and went on to say the media is putting an unwanted strain on his family life. Walker also mentioned that he almost left Man City for Bayern Munich to avoid all of this mess….which makes absolutely zero sense….because all of this would've still happened? Anyways, Walker really fumbled….

Now for his marriage? Walker is currently broken up with Annie, but she has not filed for divorce. As I mentioned, she is currently pregnant with the couple's 4th child, which throws another wrench into the whole thing.

The football world is a wild, wild place.