Eminem Going Double Birds To Every 49ers Fan Is An Iconic Image In American History

I mean this was no doubt right? We could go with his whole 'fuck the free world' from 8 Mile. But this isn't Rabbit, this is Eminem. This is Marshall Mathers. This is a diehard Detroit Lions fan. You don't expect anything else and quite frankly this is an iconic image. If the Lions end up winning this thing, the Lions should frame this and put this outside the stadium. I don't care how old you are, you deserve double birds here. 

What else do you expect here? Like I said we're talking about one of the most famous people from Detroit. It's him or Kid Rock or Bob Seger.  I don't think the man who gave us Against the Wind is going double birds. I don't think the man who gave us Night Moves is going to cause a ruckus in San Francisco. Only one man can. And that man is Eminem. 

We look everywhere in America and we see famous fans. We see iconic images. This is it. Going double birds to the home fanbase? How can you not love this? How do you not believe in Dan Campbell and biting kneecaps? This is 8 Mile. This is America.