Taylor Swift's Boyfriend Is Going To The Super Bowl!!!!!!

WOOHOOOO!!!! Congrats to Boyfriend of the Year Travis Kelce on his and the Chiefs' big win against the Ravens tonight. He and all his besties get to go to the Super Bowl again!! Cool! Amazing!!!

......so that means TAYLOR SWIFT WILL BE AT THE SUPER BOWL!! Now, we don't know for 100% fact, but I mean, come on. The only thing standing in her way is the fact that she has a concert in Tokyo on February 10th. By the time that show ends, she'll be able to hop on her private jet and eat up the skies (and the ozone) so she can be front and center by kickoff on Sunday. She may be tired from performing 3 shows, she may be a little jet lagged, but I bet my SOUL she shows up. It'll be her 13th appearance (Taylor's lucky number as we all know) and whoever wins this Lions/49ers game better watch the fuck out. All the stars are aligning for this fairytale Hallmark movie ending, and if we've learned anything this year, it's that not much can get in the way of TayVooDoo. 

Pour one out for the guys on the Ravens today who let their tempers get the best of them. Maybe next year, babes!