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PREGAME DRAMA: Travis Kelce And Patrick Mahomes Are Leaning Into The Whole Villain Thing By Chucking Justin Tucker's Gear So He Can't Warm Up

This right here is a dangerous, dangerous game. I'm not saying that because of karma or anything like that. I'm saying it because Justin Tucker is the greatest kicker we've ever seen. You don't just piss off a man that can win a game by drilling a 55-yarder. Go ahead and get a lineman pissed off or something like that, good chance you'll bait them into a bullshit penalty later on in the game. But a kicker? That's playing with fire.

There's basically been three kickers in modern NFL that I can think of that I wouldn't want to fuck with. Justin Tucker for reasons listed above. Adam Vinatieri because he always seemed so damn clutch in the playoffs and finally Sebastian Janikowski. I'm just convinced he would beat your ass. Look at this perfect football specimen 

Jamie Squire. Getty Images.

The whole Chiefs villain thing is hilarious though. We're seeing Lamar saving the world from them. We know the Taylor Swift conspiracy theories. There's conspiracy theories that the NFL wants Mahomes in the Super Bowl just as much. Whatever. It's about time they leaned into the darlings of the NFL into the villains. They should be doing this every game from here on out. Launching a helmet is a hilarious move, mostly because a kicker does not need one. Pretty sure they could go out there in a team hat and do the job just as well. 

Mahomes at least is smart by trying to kick the holder away. Not sure why the hell they wouldn't have, you know, Tucker warm up where the Ravens are and what not. Feel like that would make some sense here. Either way, dangerous game poking the Justin Tucker bear.