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The Sign Of Greatness: Ian Eagle Hitting Us With An 'Alrighty Then' As Iowa State's Jim Carrey Was Shaking His Ass To Taunt Bill Self

I can't get enough of this guy. I blogged about him yesterday thanks to this clip that was going viral: 

Have a week! Hitting Jerome Tang with the crying taunt and following it up by dancing after Bill Self was going ballistic is how you do it. He's immediately become my favorite fan in a long time. 

I gotta know more about this guy. First, how does he go about asking his barber to do his hair? He's just gotta bring in a picture of 90s Jim Carrey and say that's it. This right here is what I want. I've been bald for a few years now so I sort of forget how that process goes when you have an exact style in mind. Second, how are we just finding out about him this year? I've watched far too many Iowa State games, especially at Hilton, yet this is the first time I can remember him getting screen time.

All I know is Ian Eagle was made for this moment. This is why he got promoted to the Final Four when Jim Nantz decided to retire. You don't miss an opportunity to throw in a Jim Carrey quote here. It's veteran leadership at its finest even if Jay Wright and Bill Raftery are left confused. 

All I know is Jim Carrey is now up there with the great fans across the country.