Michigan Has Named Sherrone Moore The 21st Head Football Coach In Program History

Compared to some of Michigan's last several coaching searches, it was nice that this one was quick and quiet. I would've been shocked had they made any other choice. Sherrone Moore was the guy for the job. In general, Michigan's past hires from within have been pretty successful. Gary Moeller's tenure ended poorly, but he had a lot of success, and Lloyd Carr won a national championship. I hate to say it, but there's some truth about bringing "Michigan man." I think that this is a smart move. You didn't want to rock the boat like you did with previous hires. The culture is good, and they are recruiting at a high level. Will some guys hit the transfer portal now that Harbaugh has left? I'm sure, but I don't think it'll be the mass exodus that people believe it will be. The players love Sherrone, and the guy was the head coach for many games last year, including Ohio State.

Michigan's last three seasons speak for themselves. For what is a storied program, it's hard to find three consecutive years that were as successful as what Michigan put together from 2021 through 2023. Will they be as good next year? No, but I think anybody who thinks This is the end of the line for Michigan football is sadly mistaken. Jim Harbaugh left this program in a much better place than where it was when he took over, and I expect Moore will adopt many of the same principles while also bringing some ideas of his own to the table. As fun as the Harbaugh error was the last several years, it was always a circus. I can't imagine that Moore will be as polarizing as Jim Harbaugh. I don't think Michigan has any plans on running an air raid offense, but I do think that Sherrone's playcalling will be a little bit less conservative than Jim Harbaugh's was. This is exactly the hire that they needed right now, someone who is bright and young But also won't shake things up too much. This program is in too good of shape for that to be necessary. 

Coming into the 2023 season, everybody knew it would be the end of something. Michigan had many returning seniors on their roster who were going to be gone after this season, and the Big Ten would be expanding, as would the college football playoff format. We knew that 2023 was Michigan's best opportunity, and they took advantage of it. I don't know how many of us knew that Jim Harbaugh would take an NFL job, but he did. The turning of a new page was going to be required regardless, and I'm happy that Sherrone Moore will lead this new chapter.