FINALLY, Sign Stealing Accusations Have Hit College Hoops: K-State Reportedly Thought Iowa State Had People Sitting Behind Their Bench Texting Info To Coaches

Hold on real quick: 

Alright, now on to the real controversy and bad blood here today. Just when we thought sign stealing accusations in sports were done, we forgot about Farmageddon. We forgot about college hoops (probably because it's not March). We forgot that one more sport could be hit with such accusations. This time it's the elaborate plan of Iowa State having people sit behind the Kansas State bench and then text info to the coaches:

[Source] -  Otzelberger and Tang exchanged words twice during Wednesday’s 78–67 Iowa State win in Ames, once after a media timeout with just under eight minutes to play and again in the postgame handshake line. According to Kellis Robinett of The Wichita Eagle, Tang’s frustration stemmed from his belief that Iowa State had planted team representatives in the stands behind the Kansas State bench to steal signs during huddles. Tang and his staff were reportedly concerned that the representatives were then texting that information into the Iowa State huddles.

Tang and Kansas State assistant Jareem Dowling alerted the game’s referees about the situation, appearing to point into the stands a few rows behind the team’s bench as they did. Tang then attempted to talk to Otzelberger before being quickly pulled away by the referees. He could be seen saying to the officials, “They’ve got three guys in the stands videoing our huddle,” on the ESPN+ broadcast of the game, before eventually settling down and play resuming. 

That led to this exchange after the game: 

All I know is I don't give a shit about sign stealing, especially in basketball. That's just scouting. It's not football where you get playcalls through a helmet or 42 different signs being held up. Basketball is typically yelled out. Advantage? Sure. But wouldn't it be pretty clear to see someone on the bench with a cell phone out? You ever try to sneak looking at a message? You look like a fucking idiot trying to do it. It's near impossible with new phones and not the mid-2000s when you can quickly look at it easier. 

Plus, let's take a look at some of the people behind the Kansas State bench here: 

You think Iowa State Jim Carrey is breaking down the x's and o's of the game? No, he's too busy hitting people with crying heckles while having impeccable hair. The other people? No way. Look at how they can't stop, won't stop pretending to give technical fouls. No chance they are sitting there talking about elevator screens or a hammer pass. 

All I know is, congrats to Iowa State on their eventual national championship and people losing their goddamn shit over something like this.