My Rebuttal To The First Friday Blog Kelly Keegs Has Written In 2 Months

So full-time paycheck collector / self-admitted part-time worker Kelly Keegs wrote this blog about me today after I exposed her for saying she stays home on Fridays to blog despite not having blogged on a Friday in months. I must say, I’m a little disappointed with how this exchange went down. 

The first frustration I have is with how our Editors chose to handle this little blog off. I woke up at 4 am and got mine done before heading off to my full-time job (I'm a about 80% of the year, just like Kelly), and it was not posted until 1:30 pm (after texting 2 editors, who finally scheduled it for 3 pm on a Friday afternoon until they bumped it up when they *shockingly* discovered it might be good?). It also had a line removed from it with the explanation that Kelly "doesn't want that publicized". Okay, fine.

On the other hand, Kelly's blog went up immediately after her submission, and it contains 3 real-life photos of me in it. I would say it's pretty common knowledge that I try to conceal my identity, seeing as I've said that multiple times AND use a cartoon photo on Twitter and on the Barstool Website itself. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that my picture isn't "something I want publicized", so it's an understatement to say the entire way this was handled was suspicious from the timing to the omitting of only one side's information. Plus, it's literally her pinned tweet. What do you mean she doesn't want it publicized.....? She wants every single person that goes to her Twitter to see it first.

Additionally, I think it's fair to say that posting unflattering photos of me on the blog to millions of people and attacking my looks is conceding defeat in the actual argument at hand, but instead of accepting that and moving on, I'll take another swing. I wish I was allowed to post the unflattering photos of you for the entire internet to see, Kelly, but you beat me to it.

Okay, that's enough about that. Let's be professionals here and focus on the simple rebuttal of the "facts" presented in Kelly Keegs blog. First of all, let's all get on the same page here. I don't think Kelly even knows, which kind of ruins the point of her entire blog, but I don't get paid very much. I would say I more so do this for fun. I mean, I made $0 for the first 12 months, and now I make $1000 before taxes as a freelancer. The time she mentioned that I didn't blog much, I had my pay withheld. Could you imagine if she had to do that for every Friday she didn't work? Point being, I don't get money, I don't get benefits, I don't have a laptop, etc. So when she says this......

I'm sure it was well worth the part time salary you're being paid to write 35 blogs a month, which yes, may be half of the base level salary that I, and many other Barstool Employees have.

Love the edit, Kelly. Because at first it said that you GUARANTEE that I make the same as an entry level employee. Did someone tip you off that I don't make 60K a year and in fact make.....12, before taxes. And even with that tip you got, you're telling me the starting base salary at Barstool is $24,000 a year? Wrong. Just like your entire blog.

Your blog was to eviscerate me, but it just keeps strengthening my argument. Your graphic:

Uhh, duh? That's literally the point of my entire blog. I make maybe 1/8th of what you guys do and I am ahead of you in blogs? I'm glad you didn't count the ones I had to delete for using inappropriate language, but I'm glad you counted every single one of the ones where you'll at best write two paragraphs about Taylor Swift, or at worst simply post the YouTube link to the radio show. 10 of Kelly's 16 blogs this month have no words in them…..

So yes, I got you in 2022, and according to you, I also got you in 2023!

Kelly, that's literally my point. You are a full-time mid 5 figures with benefits employee and we are doing similar amounts of work. Like, check today's blog count on the backend. You see who is #1? Part-Time Tate, again. I knew you were lazy, but I didn't know you were dumb, too. That's a tough combo, and I wish it wasn't true, but everything you say proves it to be…. 

Unfortunately for you Tate, you picked the wrong bitch. You wanted my attention? You've got it. Be careful what you wish for.

What does this even mean? I'm pretty sure that the entire internet has scored this a Win By TKO for me, and you're saying I need to be careful what I wish for…..? Kelly, your best option right now is to text me on the side and convince me to form an alliance against Nate. I did not like what he said about me on Barstool Radio today, and I know you dislike him as well. I'm not sure I'll accept your apology and offer of truce, but it sure beats the alternative of you going for Round 2 and 3 with the Mike Tyson of the blog when you have already hit your weekend quota for the next 2 months.