Andrew Santino x John Cena In A Raunchy Comedy? Sign Me Up

Ricky Stanicky is the name of an imaginary character invented by three longtime friends, as someone to blame for their misbehavior over the past two decades. When their partners become suspicious and demand to meet Stanicky, they decide to hire a washed-up actor to bring the character to life.

SOLD. Zac Efron is a solid lead in comedies like this (That Awkward Moment, Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates), Andrew Santino is obviously hysterical and John Cena has some of the better comedic timing in the business (Peacemaker, Blockers). The concept seems funny (although they explain way too much of the movie during this trailer) and the jokes were solid! 

Even if this movie ends up sucking ass, I want Hollywood to never stop swinging on comedies. Over the past few years, TV has basically owned the genre. The era of the raunchy comedy that actually makes money seems to have died out! Which, by the way, isn't to say that they stopped making them. Just that people don't go out to the theater for them like that anymore. But we want them, man! We need a blockbuster comedy like we need air to breath, Hollywood! 

That whole point is kind of moot anyway since this is releasing on prime video but the success of these on streaming can only help to convince studios to give them a chance.