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Watch: Things Get HEATED At Michigan-Maryland Women's Basketball Game After Two Players Started Punching Each Other In The Face Over A Lose Ball

Source - The Michigan-Maryland women’s basketball game was paused when a fight over a loose ball turned into an on-court brawl Wednesday night.

Michigan’s Lauren Hansen and Maryland’s Bri McDaniel got tangled up while battling for a loose ball with less than four minutes left in the third quarter — when the Terrapins led the Wolverines, 52-44, at the Crisler Center in Ann Arbor.

Things turned physical and it appeared punches were thrown, as shown in a video of the scuffle, which was posted by Women Hooping on YouTube.

The referee blew the whistle, but Hansen and McDaniel continued going at it.

Players from both teams attempted to separate the two, and a referee was seen escorting McDaniel to the sideline.

The Video: 

I gotta tell ya...I love it. Any time a game gets chippy I'm all in. It doesn't matter what the sport is or who is playing it, once things get physical I am 1000x more invested than I usually am. Having said that, it's usually easy to tell who's at fault. Someone throws the first punch, someone was the instigator, blah blah blah. But this? This is tough. And I'm treading lightly because I don't want to slander the boss man's team...but I think the Michigan girl started it? She went a little too crazy trying to get the ball after the whistle. Maybe she just didn't realize the girl's arm was caught? I don't know. I just LOVE the fact that there were three jabs thrown within the span of two seconds. 

Here's what Maryland's coach Brenda Frese had to say...

“I thought [the ejection] was going to motivate us,” Frese said. “But it didn’t really rally us in any way. I thought Michigan was just a lot more inspired [after the ejections].”             

Incredible. Usually a coach would say it's "wrong" or "inappropriate" but not Brenda. Brenda is just pissed her team didn't use it as motivation. I know I'm late to the game but I think I need to start watching more women's basketball. These ladies are out for BLOOD. Anyway, congrats to Michigan on the win. Well deserved.