Lions Fans Are So Amped For The NFC Championship That They Started Chanting "Jared Goff" During Last Night's Red Wings Game

Somebody take their temperature because I think Detroit has Lions' fever. Ugh, I don't even feel good about that joke. It's hard not to be caught up in all the hype. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. It could just be wishful thinking, but it feels like Detroit sports is on the verge of a renaissance. 

I never expected in 1 million years that the team that would kick off that golden age would be the Detroit Lions, but here we are. We may be living in a simulation. Another team starting to intrigue people is the Detroit Red Wings, who have played some really good hockey so far in 2024. Playoff hockey at Little Caesars Arena sounds lit as fuck, and I hope we get to see some this year. But last night, as the Red Wings were beating up on the Philadelphia Flyers, the crowd at LCA took a moment to salute their quarterback. 

Jared Goff is, in many ways, the ultimate Detroit sports story. He was brought here as an afterthought. I think Brad Holmes has proven himself to be a genius GM, but I think he's being deceitful when he says he never viewed Goff as a placeholder quarterback. They didn't expect him to revert back to what he was when he took the Rams to the Super Bowl. That's pretty much what he's done. 

Is he an all-time great quarterback, capable of taking any team to the postseason? No, but who is? He's been a top-10 quarterback over the last two seasons who knows how to run an offense and utilizes his weapons really well. He's earned the contract extension that he's about to get. 

Winning games is most important, but it does help that Jared Goff seems like a genuinely likable fellow. He's embraced Detroit as a city, and he helped take the football team to Heights that we haven't seen in my lifetime. I'm not saying that Matthew Stafford wasn't a likable quarterback, who gave it his all when he was here, but shit, he never took us to an NFC championship game. Also, Christen Harper. The guy is winning on and off the field.

I don't know if the Lions will beat the 49ers, but I know they have a fighting chance. I've been wrestling with what will happen if they do. I didn't think I'd see Michigan win the national championship, but I figured there was a chance. I never figured there was a chance that the Lions would play in the Super Bowl. They're on the precipice, and they are a confident team right now. If number 16 plays the way he has in the first two playoff games, he will give them a legitimate shot. God, I'd be so cool. It'd be about as cool as Jared Goff is right now.