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Austin Butler Has Hired A Dialect Coach Because He STILL Can't Get Rid Of His Elvis Accent

I laughed out loud when I saw this headline. AUSTIN COME ONE!! You're embarrassing yourself at this point. It is actually insane that this dude was SO into this role that he STILL can't get rid of this accent. This movie came out almost 2 years ago!!! How has he not gotten rid of the accent at this point? Jacob Elordi had NO issue going in and out of an accent. Every relevant person in Hollywood has had to do an accent at some point. Do they all still have those accents?? NO!!! I guess he filmed the movie for 8 months and never stopped using the accent the entire time. But he just didn't have to do that?? 

Austin, it's really not that deep. Jacob Elordi also did a way better job than you so you should be a little embarrassed!