Follow Your Dreams: After Starting An OnlyFans Due To Public Demand, Nikkole Teja Has Abruptly Retired From Pro Soccer To Take On 'Personal Projects'

[Source] - Last year the stunning football revealed that she had an OnlyFans account. 

Puebla released their own statement responding to her retirement and wished her luck on her next move.

It read: "Club Puebla Feminil reports that Nikkole Teja has decided to undertake personal projects independent of soccer, so it causes withdrawal from our squad.

"We appreciate your professionalism in the time you were within the institution and wish you success in whatever comes."

Every so often we see the term business decision, I believe this works here. Nikkole Teja is in the prime of her life at 24, can barely get off the bench for a top flight team in Mexico while having a ton of followers. Hmm, wonder how to capitalize on that? This is a little something we call chasing our dream. Hey, it doesn't matter what you are. Sometimes you gotta leave a job to join somewhere else in the same field. Sometimes you gotta go from running a purchasing department for a company to blogging about Nikkole Teja. For others it's hanging up the cleats or boots, whichever you prefer to call it, to pursue personal projects independent of soccer. 

Remember, a year ago she set up her OnlyFans because of public demand. Hey, gotta strike when the iron is hot. If the public demands it and gives you a shit ton of money, it seems like a no-brainer. Obviously don't do what the public always demands, just trust me on that one, but I'm also not an attractive 24-year old pro soccer player. 

That said, I can't imagine retiring from anything at 24. It's why I laughed at Nicky Smokes blogging that turning 25 sucks. That age is one of the best to be. You're young enough to still be slightly stupid, but should have some money at your disposal. You typically don't have that many requirements outside of maybe having a significant other and a job. Buddy wants to feel old? Wait until you're in your late 30s and trying to figure out a time to sneak out for a couple beers with the guys. 

Anyways, I got a little off topic there. I've gotten back to thinking about Nikkole and think it's pretty clear what should be her next move. A little interview with a man who has interviewed greats from across all of entertainment. A man who has made Randy Orton a little terrified. Our very own Glenny Balls. 

Best of luck Nikkole!