Conor McGregor Is Kicking Jake Gyllenhaal's Ass In The First Trailer For The 'Road House' Remake

An ex-UFC middleweight fighter ends up working at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys where things are not as they seem.

When I initially heard they were working on a Roadhouse remake, I was a little conflicted. I was a little hesitant off the bat becuase the source material isn't exactly stellar. The original is an ok, turn-off-your-brain movie, but thats it. HOWEVER, the reality is that this is the exact type of movie that should be remade/added on to. Instead of remaking IPs that are highly respected and beloved to make a quick buck, elevate messier ones that still have name recognition! Think about Top Gun. The OG is, simply put, not a great movie although it has the name recognition & nostalgia tie in. But Top Gun Maverick? Fucking lightyears ahead of that movie. 

This is where Road House can excel & this trailer looks like it takes that exact route. And this trailer kinda kicks ass! Its got the fights, the humor, the thrills and one Conor McGreggor involved which always moves the needle. It's also cool that they filmed Jake G's UFC scenes in front of an actual audience. 

The one confusing thing here is the fact that the movie isn't getting a theatrical release. Something that not only confuses us, but pissed off the director to the point that he is boycotting the movie's premiere. 

Wacky stuff.