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Never Back Down: Sofia Vergara Thinks It'd Be Absurd For Her To Apologize That She Became Famous Because She's Good Looking

[Source] - Sofia Vergara ain't apologizing for being hot ... saying it's absurd to think her giant breasts and amazing figure weren't the reason behind her fame.

The actress says her looks were her passport to the world as a young model at 20 ... telling Spanish newspaper El País feeling bad about the hand that fed her won't cut it -- especially cause she's still a massive name decades later at 51.

Uh yeah, this is someone who gets it. Why apologize for being 51 years old, still famous and still hot? You use whatever it takes to crack into a dream job. For some it's hiding in an office and blogging as much as possible, for others it's being hot. For a lucky few of us it's a combination of both. 

And it's not like Sofia said anything crazy here. She used her looks to get into the modeling world and parlayed all that into becoming a multi-millionaire actress. Modern Family, whether you like it or not, is one of the most successful sitcoms of all time. You think the role for Gloria was written for an ugly person? Come on. Ed O'Neil wasn't going to marry an ugly 30-something year old. Typecasting, whatever have you, it's because Sofia Vergara is hot. 

Again, we're talking about acting here. Feel like you either gotta be hot or funny. That's just the world you live in out there. Can't be either? Just become someone who cares too much about sports. Pretty good life lesson there if I say so myself. I also have no idea who would expect or want Sofia to apologize. If she was just hot, she'd be a model. Instead she became Gloria on Modern Family, had that brief appearance on Entourage and is now starring in a movie. Keep riding the wave as long as you can. You'd be an idiot to do anything otherwise.