Britney Spears Has Reportedly Been Banned From The Four Seasons In LA For Going Topless At The Pool

Wake up babe, new Daily Loud news drop! I never know the validity of stories from Daily Loud because it's "news" disguised as like two random 25 year old dudes from Miami who spend their Twitter ad revenue on tables at E11EVEN (I wish I was kidding), so as always, grains of salt are much appreciated when taking in news from these lads.

 Anyway, after some further research, everyone's favorite British tabloid The Sun has some details:

SOURCE: BRITNEY Spears has allegedly been banned from the Four Seasons in Los Angeles after guests complained about her "bizarre behavior" and stripping off by the pool.

Three sources exclusively confirmed to The U.S. Sun that staff at the Westlake Village resort have been driven crazy by the pop star's antics for the past year.

Britney was a longtime guest at the five-star family-friendly hotel, which is just minutes from her $14 million mansion in Thousand Oaks.

The 42-year-old star previously shared photographs of her naked on Instagram while covering her breasts as she relaxed in a hotel suite during one stay.

But it appears the singer is currently not welcome on the premises after leaving staff no choice but to temporarily ban her.

She allegedly went to great lengths to regain access, at one point refusing to move her car from the hotel's drive-in lane unless she was granted access to the hotel.

Reports also claimed she ranted, "Do you know who I am? I f**king built this place. I've spent so much money here I could have bought the God-damn hotel."

"I fucking built this place" is an incredible line by one of the game's greats. Can I say something? What's the problem here? Four Seasons in Westlake? Ban me if I'm wrong but this sounds like one of the better things that can happen to your hotel. This area of Los Angeles seems a little bit above my tax bracket (a lot), but my suspicion is that there's a dime a dozen of these luxury hotels in that area. Britney wants to take her top off, you add that in the description of your hotels dot com booking or whatever rich people use to secure their hotels. Besides, it's Los Angeles. You think the police don't have a billion other things to do than deal with a disgruntled employee who's mad one of the literal most famous humans on Earth is shirtless by the pool? 

I stand with Britney! 

And in the spirit of good journalism... here's a report from another tabloid apparently denying these allegations?


A representative for Britney Spears has denied a report that the songstress was banned from a luxury hotel after she allegedly annoyed guests by going topless at the pool. 

The Sun reports that the Four Seasons in Westlake Village has issued Spears, 42, a temporary ban after they received complaints from guests about her going topless at the pool and other odd behavior. 

A representative has since shared with that the report is not true. 

On Tuesday, Britney shared two silent videos of herself striking poses in a flirty gold dress as she made a remark about making others uncomfortable. 

'Awkward silence … I love making people feel uncomfortable … here’s to gold,' she captioned the post.

Now it's up to you to decide who you believe — a tabloid or the woman saying she "loves making people feel uncomfortable." Whatever you decide, I'm still on Team Britney until the end.