Jason Kelce Revealed That The Chiefs/Bills Game Was The First Time He Met Taylor Swift, And He Wanted To Leave An Impression

Somehow this makes everything that much funnier to me. Jason Kelce explains that he hadn't met Taylor yet, and the first time he got to be around her was during this Chiefs/Bills game, where he promptly took his shirt off and jumped out of a window to chug beers in the stands. What a way to make a mark! He also said that he told his wife Kylie in advance, before he unleashed this beast. She responded as any wife should, with, "don't you dare."

The Philly Kelces have to be some of the best potential in laws of all time, right? Fun loving, boisterous, no bullshit. They're going to make a splash and they're going to win your heart over no matter what. Jason has told the story before, but the first time he ever met his wife Kylie he was blacked out at a bar. It seems like this is his preferred method of introduction!

Jason Kelce to me, is the only exception to "guys who take their shirts off and chug beers for sports." Normally this is Public Enemy #1 in my brain. I avoid these kinds of people. Jason? No way. DO IT AGAIN! DO IT EVERY WEEK! INVITE ME OUT TO THE BAR! You know what you're in for, and you're ready to buckle up. Taylor needs a little more debauchery in her life and I'm glad Jason Kelce is here to spice it all up.