No Days Off: A Bunch Of Pissed Off Soccer Fans In China Stormed Al Nassr's Team Hotel After They Postponed Matches Because Ronaldo Is Hurt

Imagine the reaction if the best player in the world couldn't play? Thousands of fans? Hundreds of thousands of fans? Regardless this is why soccer fans are batshit crazy no matter where in the world you are. We're talking about a friendly here. The game doesn't even matter and you got people storming a hotel because those games are now canceled due to injury. I can't imagine being this pissed off about a game not mattering. Now if you tell me Raft is not calling the Final Four or the NCAA Tournament expands to more than 68 teams and sure, I'll organize a riot so fast. 

I just can't imagine showing up and going yeah, this is a good idea - in China! Unless Wonton Don is leading the entire thing I don't trust one single thing happening. I'm just going to take my refund and use it the next time Ronaldo comes around. Seems like, I don't know here, the sane thing to do. Would you rather get a refund or Ronaldo play for like 20 minutes a match tops for no reason at all? Welcome to professional sports life. Would love to know what they'd do during an NBA season when they show up to a game and half the team is sitting out the second game of a back-to-back. 

I really want to know what they expected to achieve here? You get into the team hotel and then what? Kidnap Ronaldo like it's Celtic Pride and force him to play? I've had my fair share of dumb ideas in my life but I can't even fathom something as dumb as this, especially for Ronaldo. Messi, I'd understand, he at least won the World Cup. Long story short, just be normal. Get pissed off and tweet about it from the comfort of your own home.