Ghana Media Blocked The Teams Bus From Leaving AFCON After Players Didn't Speak To Them Following Another Embarrassing Performance

AFCON drama always hits different, but I did not expect to see a media blockade as Ghana's bus was attempting to leave the stadium. As you can see thanks to the tweet above, that is exactly what happened. 

If you're confused...don't worry...I got you. 

Today, Ghana had their final game in the group stage of the Africa Cup of Nations. It was against Mozambique and they were -200 favorites to win. Thanks to allowing a late goal, the match ended in a draw, which essentially ended Ghana's time at the tournament.

Ghana was not the odds-on favorite to win AFCON, but prior to the tournament, they were -750 to advance to the round of 16. That essentially looks impossible now after a loss to Cape Verde and draws against Egypt & Mozambique. Their fans are not happy:

The time at AFCON has essentially killed their coach:

And that was only after the first match of the group stage!

Barring a miracle in the remaining matches (some third-place teams advance to R16), Ghana will be eliminated in the group stage for the 3rd straight AFCON. A total failure. The media is NOT happy and wanted to speak to the team after the game, but the players never came out to the area where they were waiting:

As a response, the media then took it upon themselves to block the Ghana team bus from leaving:

They even had media members yelling at the manager:

Imagine American sports media acted like this? Would be absolute cinema. If a player/coach didn't want to talk to the media after a game, the media came together and just didn't let them leave until they got answers. That's what they don't teach you at Big J schools like Northwestern & Syracuse. African sports media is just on a different level.

Some of the players eventually came out so they could leave and all of the media just started booing them. Absolutely unbelievable.