The Taylor Swift Reddit Was Going Insane Trying To Figure Out What Happened on Mecole Hardman's Fumble Through the End Zone

Every time we have a fumble through the end zone for a touchback in a big game, there becomes a national discourse about the rule like it's the first time anyone has ever seen this happen. But for many people watching the Chiefs-Bills game on Sunday night, Mecole Hardman fumbling at the goal line and giving the ball back to Buffalo probably was the first time they'd ever seen this rule come into play because their football fandom began only when Taylor Swift became a de facto member of the Chiefs earlier this season.

I love that the Swifties were on Reddit trying to figure out how Kansas City just went from having the ball inside the 5-yard line to being on defense at the 20. And for any Swifties reading this now who have been bombarded with people opining on how this is the worst rule in football, please understand that it's actually the best. The worst rule in football is the offense retaining possession on 99 percent of fumbles that go out of bounds after they've been the ones that just fucked up. All fumbles that go out of play should be turnovers, not just the ones that go through the end zone. Unfortunately, your introduction to the rule went against your team, but please don't allow that to sway your opinion on this issue.

Luckily for the Swiftie/Chiefs community, Hardman's turnover didn't end up affecting the outcome and Kansas City will play in its sixth consecutive AFC Championship game next Sunday against the Ravens. I'd imagine most of that Reddit community would prefer if No. 12 didn't get too many touches going forward, though.