Travis Kelce Makes Taylor Swift's "Fearless" Heart Hands At Her After A 22 Yard Touchdown Pass, Then The Chiefs Go On To Win The Game Against Buffalo

I waited until the game was over to blog this because I didn't want to jinx anything, but....the game was over at this point in time. 2 hours ago, Travis Kelce made heart hands at Taylor Swift after a 22 yard touchdown (one of her lucky numbers) and with that kind of luck? There was just no stopping it. Trolls online want to tell me that the heart hands are mocking Bills player Damar Hamlin but I'm here to tell you, Taylor Swift has been throwing up heart hands since before Damar could walk. Miss me with that shit. 

Travis' second touchdown he BARELY got by sticking his head in the endzone and who do we have to thank? The very clear voodoo magic that's floating around that field on behalf of Taylor. 

This was a tough loss to watch for the Bills because despite the fact the fans are mostly the kind of disgusting animals I wouldn't even consider fellow humans, they have a lot of heart. They're passionate, they're crazy, and I always respect insanity at that level. A lot of people wanted them to win. Josh Allen is hot. It would've been fun to root for them! But, alas, here we are again. Taylor Swift is officially the Chief's good luck charm, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. 

How embarrassing is this guy btw? If anyone jinxed the game tonight, it's him.