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Remember How Rodney Terry Cried About UCF Celebrating A Win And How Texas Would Never Do Such A Thing - Yeah, He's Full Of Shit

I don't care if people celebrate wins, you should do that. But I do have a problem with Rodney Terry bitching and moaning about horns down and how UCF jumped around like they won a title and the VERY NEXT GAME you have him doing quite literally that. I mean this dude celebrated more than Jay Wright when Kris Jenkins hit a buzzer beater for his first title. Now ask yourself which game matters more? A home win over Baylor or a national title? A real toss-up if you ask me. 

Remember, this was him on the verge of tears about such a thing: 

If you expected to win why are you launching yourself in the air multiple times? Again, I don't give a shit if you celebrate, it's the fact that you lost your mind at UCF players for doing the same thing. The only difference is the Horns Down. Guess what pal? Everyone is going to hit you with horns down, it's one of the most iconic images in college sports. Texas losing an important game and everyone around them throwing a horns down. If you can't handle that, you ain't gonna survive for long in the SEC. 

The lesson as always is don't ever cry when you lose a game and say things like 'classless.' You're just going to sound like an idiot and this proves it again.