Kingpin Is Real And He's An MMA Fighter In Russia

This clip took my breath away the other day. I have no idea if the given context in that tweet, "Crackhead fights his dealer in MMA bout in Russia" - is real, but I'm choosing to believe it is and have no plans on doing further research to find out if it's fake. I just want to believe. I don't wanna potentially ruin the magic here.

I've just never seen anybody who looked more like the comic book/cartoon version of Kingpin than this guy. He's dressed like a mob boss, fighting in his chains, and somehow has shoulders freakishly wide enough to fit the bill….

Unfortunately, he's not half the fighter that Wilson Fisk is usually represented as, and his ACL gave out from underneath him every time he got hit….

I feel for whoever he took that loss out on afterwards. Some poor henchmen could get whacked over such a thing: the don being perceived as weak. Look at what happened to Perry Annunziata for no reason when Tony felt he had to prove a point….

Can you tell I just finished The Sopranos for the first time?

Maybe one day we'll do a Rough N Rowdy in Russia and sanction some bouts like this. That'd be the dream.

Until then, though - we've got Providence next week, and it's an UNREAL card with the full usual broadcast team back….

I can't wait. Providence was wild last time and I suspect next week will be no different.

P.S. Kingpin/Wilson Fisk was EASILY the highlight of 'Echo' - and I can't wait for Daredevil: Born Again after that post-credits scene.

The show itself wasn't great, but all of Vincent D'onofrio's scenes made it worth watching in my opinion.

We discussed it all on this week's edition of My Mom's Basement….