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This Dude Smashing Himself In The Face Firing A Sawed Off Shotgun Should Have Listened To His Friend


If there’s any more proof needed that marijuana should be legalized nationwide, it lies with this guy. He’s wearing this hat:


Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.53.15 AM


And is probably high as we speak and he clearly couldn’t harm a fly. Mostly due to his own incompetence but, still, the end product is there. You get someone all coked, meth’d, or even bath salted up and they could easily go on one of those violent Max Payne adrenaline pill rampages. With weed? This guy can’t even take basic directions to avoid knocking his teeth out shooting in a forest. He’s way more of a danger to a two-liter of Orange Crush than he is to anyone else out there, besides himself I guess.


Also as great as the gun crashing into the guy’s face is, the things around that moment are what really make this video great to me. The friend’s gun safety guidance of “hip shoot that ho,” the accents, that version of “dayummm” the guy says after getting hit in the mouth that sounds more like a rare bird chirping in the distance, they all really paint a slice of life that I think most of us aren’t used to. I’d gladly take a reality show with these two guys having adventures and talking hilariously then another Housewives or Real World at this point, someone give them a chance.


(h/t Viral Thread)