Brazilian Playboy Model Honors Messi With Her Cover Shoot Because If 'She's Perfect, It Should Be Dedicated To The Best Player In The Universe'

[Source] - Addressing the Inter Miami and Argentina star, Janaina wrote: “If the person on the cover is the most perfect woman in the world, I thought it was fair to dedicate it to the greatest player in the universe."

Captioning an Instagram post for her 60k followers, she added: "My intention is to honour you and today I present you with what is most precious to me today, the first international cover. You deserve it! Thanks. Ass: Perfect Woman, JP."

This is all I need to know for the final bullet point to say Messi is the best player in the world. Forget the World Cup title. Forget shattering TV records with Inter Miami or just watching him with your eyes. He has a Brazilian model dedicating her first cover shoot to him. That should never happen in the Brazil/Argentina rivalry. But this is Messi, he's better than the rivalry. He has Brazilian Playboy models shooting their shot with him.

Outside of that, how did AI come up with her as the perfect woman in the world? No offense, but I can easily think of some just in the soccer world that I'd declare more perfect. That's why I don't trust AI. They come up with bullshit and get to hide behind the fact they are a computer. No thank you, we here like to argue person to person or person to egg on Twitter, you pick really. 

What odds are we putting here that Messi does anything but laugh and say no when he finds out about this? It's the only outcome. Mind you, this is Messi's wife

Michael Steele. Getty Images.
Kristy Sparow. Getty Images.

Good luck. That's all I'll say. But this is bigger than just saying Messi is the greatest in the world. You have Ronaldo, his one-time rival, out here trying to hype up the Saudi League (which sucks) and boast about his goal scoring. I could score a goal in that league. 

Yeah Saudi League is better than Ligue 1 and I'm 2nd in command here. Should have come over the MLS, Ronaldo. You could have kept your rivalry going and played in a real league. I mean we at least have more than 42 people in the crowd at matches. Anyways, congrats to Messi who has Brazilian Playboy models begging for his attention. That's what the best players in the world do.