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Ryan Day Has Hired Bill O'Brien As His Offensive Coordinator To Call Ohio State's Plays Next Year

This is like when Tony Romo says, "Well, here's the game, Jim...." as the ball is snapped before a crucial moment. This is it for Ryan Day. A huge gamble. If Bill O'Brien makes him look good and they finally beat Michigan and our offense leads the nation in not just talent (like we always do) but actual performance, great. If we don't, this will be Ryan Day's last year in Columbus. 

And to be honest, at this current point in mid-January, coming off 3 straight losses to Michigan, watching them bulldoze their way to a National Title, and scoring a grand total of THREE POINTS to Missouri in the prestigious Cotton initial reaction to this move is: Good, I like it.

Everyone that knows ball knows that Ryan Day was in over his head with trying to run a National Championship contending program while also calling the plays, and our offense suffered because of it. I mean, when you look back at it 20 years, shit if you look back at it right now, the amount of talent on Ohio State's offense last year equating to only eclipsing 40 TWICE on the season is flat out embarrassing. And one of those was against Western Kentucky. So the fact that our receiver room had more stars than a night's sky and we had games of 3, 17, 20, 23, 24, and 24 is.....gross.

Enter this man:

I'll take him. Patriots OC, Penn State HC, Texans HC, and Alabama OC? Literally what else could you ask for experience wise to bring onto college football's biggest stage. And yes, I'm well aware that his offense was 32nd in a league of 32 last year, and I'm well aware that through all this time he's spent with Belichick and Saban, he never won a championship. But all this man needs to do now is sit in a closed door room and figure out to score points when you have the head and shoulders talent advantage at essentially every single position in every single game you play. I could be the Ohio State OC. I think this man with years and years of top level experience can bring something good to the job. 

The fact of the matter is Ohio State is returning damn near everyone (except Marv) because they have an entire group of players that were facing the decision of leaving for the NFL Draft without ever beating Michigan. The players have started a #ReloadTheClip campaign to say that they're all making one last effort to win the big one and also the National Championship. The defense SHOULD be generational as 9 starters and the coordinator return off an elite group from last year, and the offense is returning many key pieces plus upgraded at QB with Will Howard, adding Alabamas center, and oh, the best RB in the transfer portal in Ole Miss' Quidshon Judkins. 

Hey Bill, quick words of advice from a big fan: run TreVeyon left, run Quidshon right, and throw the fucking ball to Emeka Egbuka and our other 5-star receivers here and there. This job should be the easiest one in America. Don't fuck it up.  

We scored 40 points twice last year. I expect 40 points per game this year… the first half. Welcome to Columbus, Bill.