This Downright Filthy Goal From Owen Tippett Is All The Proof You Need That This Flyers Team Kicks So Much Ass

Len Redkoles. Getty Images.

The 2023-24 Flyers came into the season with expectations to be grinding towards the bottom of the league. A team in the middle of a rebuild trying to find their identity, compete every night, but probably not come away with too many wins. But then Thanksgiving rolled around and this team was in a playoff position. You figured they were just overachieving a little and water would find its level through the rest of the season. But then they were still in a playoff position at the Christmas break. You figured maybe this team just has too much fight in them to be basement dwellers this year, but surely they'd start to regress at some point. 

And now…

Well now this team has won 5 games in a row. They're in 2nd place in the Metro division, and a top 10 team in the league. They beat the shit out of the Dallas Stars last night 5-1, outshot them 43-15, and THIS goal from Owen Tippett showed that maybe this team isn't just a tough team that competes every night to keep games close after all. Maybe this team is actually nasty. 

Giphy Images.

Holy shit. Are you kidding me? You sick fuck. That's the type of goal you see out of guys like Sidney Crosby. That's the type of goal you see out of guys like Patrick Kane. That's not the type of goal I can remember seeing any Flyer score in the past 5 years. Obviously Giroux dabbled in some filthery during his time as a Flyer, so it feels incredible to see the guy the Flyers got back in that Giroux trade pick up the torch. 

The speed he came into that play with. Tucking that shot right under the bar. Just a thing of beauty and perfection. 

Owen Tippett is the real deal. I know people were pretty quick to write him off after the Giroux trade. He never really got anything going his first 2 years with Florida. He had a solid year last season with the Flyers, but nobody cared about the team then. But this year he's on pace to be the 30+ goal guy he was originally drafted 10th overall to be. Owen Tippett has the ability to be the pure goal scorer this organization has been missing since Jeff Carter. Travis Konecny is quickly climbing up the rankings as one of the most underrated stars in the game. Morgan Frost is starting to figure out that he can consistently play at this level. 

Sanheim and Drysdale have the ability to be one of the most dynamic top pair defensemen in the game. This team has bought into Torts' vision, but now they're adding a little bit of their own style to it. The Flyers are good at hockey. 

Cue the music!