The USMNT Is Doomed With The 2026 World Cup Final Being Held At The Dumbest Place Possible - Jerry World

NOOOOOO. This is not the news I wanted today, tomorrow or at any point. Nothing good happens at Jerry World. The home team always loses when it matters. That's just a fact. Also a fact: the US team has the potential to make a run at the World Cup, especially if we get rid of Berhalter. Pulisic is as hot as anyone in the world. He's also out here making history. 

You could easily make a case that Pulisic is the best soccer player we ever had - only because Freddy Adu didn't work out. Still can't believe he wasn't a star. He had it all, the hype, the fact he was dating Jojo, the name. Just one of the biggest busts in the history of sports. I guess it's fitting to put it here. I mean we keep Berhalter as manager, Mike McCarthy is coming back as Cowboys coach. There might be too many similarities here for my liking. 

It's just dumb to play a World Cup final in a dome too. This should be outside, on a real field and not this. I know it sounds weird when we just had a World Cup in fucking Qatar, but I prefer normal soccer stadiums and games. I assume they'll build a grass field here, but it's still a dome. This isn't indoor soccer. We should be setting up this tournament with every advantage we have. Just in case we get hot and make a run, put the Finals in a place that we'll dominate. 

Plus if we're going to let people call this futbol, you should have to win an actual football title in the last 30 years to host the final. Just a good old fashioned American rule I stand by. All that said, I don't care about money or convenience for fans. I care about winning. Put this game at FC Cincinnati's stadium or the Crew's stadium. We don't lose there. Hell put it in Minnesota for all I care. Anywhere but Jerry World.