Dire Straits: Alabama Fans Are Saying It's Time to Quit Tithing to the Church and Give That Money to the Tide's NIL Collective

Boy, they are in CRISIS MODE in Tuscaloosa. It's barely been a week without Nick Saban and Bama fans have no idea what to do with themselves. They just learned players can leave for other schools and that the Tide's NIL setup is severely lagging behind their competitors and they're in a full-on panic.

So some of them have taken the next logical step in helping Alabama hopefully stay at the top of college football, which is to divert the state's tithing budget from the church to UA's NIL collective. The Tide will never make it through this transition as long as those dang churches keep getting all the money that needs to be going to top transfer portal targets.

Telling people to take from God to give to college football players might be a bit on the extreme end of things, but there's no doubt Bama's collective needs some help. On3 listed its 20 "most ambitious" collectives in the country last summer and Alabama didn't even make the list. And now without Saban there to mask the NIL deficiencies, the Tide could be in real trouble.

There will absolutely be a preacher somewhere in the state who brings this up on Sunday and I just really hope it's at a church that has its services recorded. We're on the verge of Saban's retirement affecting the work of the Lord and we're only a week in. It's going to be an incredible offseason.